4 good tactics to improve email marketing

We receive tens every day, when not hundreds of emails. We complain about spam, the futile battle to stop unnecessary email, without ever asking if our company does not contribute itself to the growth of the phenomenon
The challenge, for those who do email marketing, is one: how to be sure that THE message is noticed, with so much background noise.

Success begins with the quality of the list.
Little to say. Lists of mails that are taken a while per kilo do not work.
Whether your company has 200 emails or one hundred thousand emails, the difference is how people have subscribed to your mailing list.

Have you registered to receive a newsletter?
Have they asked for information on a specific product line?
Have they signed up for a particular offer, a promotion or a discount?
Have they simply bought and accepted the sending of periodic information?
Knowing why people have signed up, helps you evaluate response rates when you send new emails. Too often people treat all the inscriptions in the same way.
And it is also the reason why your site should be the measurable objective , month by month, for the growth of subscriptions to the mailing list.
An interesting object, a title that stops attention.
Access your inbox now and watch the message volume. How long do you take to scroll through the list and how long you decide if you want to delete the message, keep it for later or read it right away. Five seconds? Ten seconds?
You have a few seconds to capture the attention of the recipient of your email, which means you have to make a powerful headline worth the investment of the other person's time.

Instead of dedicating millennia hours to the construction of images, to the color details of the email, to the nuances of the language of the texts, pay attention to the title, knowing that you can play everything in a moment.

Is there an element of curiosity about the object that makes the viewer want to know more?
Is there an advantage, for the time, money, if you keep reading?
The subject of the mail solves a problem, relieves pain, decreases a concern?
The response rate depends a lot on the quality of the subject of your email.

An email must add value.
An email that is just a digitally delivered advertisement adds little.
The goal of the mail is to bring more customers into the store, to push more people to buy.
But the sales proposal, the product offer, should be linked to something that adds value to what you do that you already have.
A bottle of wine is an invitation to dinner, a gym tool is a suggestion for fitness, a design object is an invitation to wellness and enjoyment of the home ….
Then create a value , and make sure that your mails are awaited by your prospects.

How many e-mails are you sending?
The temptation is to increase dramatically the number of subscribers to the database, thinking that if the rates are low, increase one of the factors and the result will improve.
Instead, you need to think about developing follow-up emails that keep your subscriber busy until he wants to act.
A good follow-up sequence email is personal, is an added value, and keeps you in touch with your subscriber for a long time. In the best case, you will have a different follow-up sequence for all those who have purchased a product or service compared to those who have not yet purchased anything.

The more time you invest in your email marketing strategy, from building good email items to delivering quality content through segmentation of the list and personal follow-up, more success will reward your efforts.

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